Trina Dalziel’s Otter Drawing

Trina writes:

“One morning a few weeks ago while on the island of Skye we went to an otter haven. To get there it was several miles on a single-track road with breathtaking views across to the Scottish mainland. It was just across this stretch of water that Gavin Maxwell, the naturalist and author, lived during the 1950s and where he wrote his famous book about otters, “Ring of Bright Water”.

There was a wooden hut on a hillside overlooking the sea with big windows, seats and binoculars. We waited and waited and waited, looking and scanning the sea and the beach. I so wanted to see one I started to think I did – every ripple on the water or long bit of seaweed on the beach. The closest I came to an otter was the beautiful carved wooden one in the hut!

Eventually we gave up and as we walked back through the forest to the car I imagined what it might be like to meet a standing up clothed one possibly offering us hot chocolate from small cups. This drawing came from that wishful hope!

I think I sort of like otters all the more for being so reclusive and elusive.”

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  • What a beautiful drawing! i absoulutely love it.

    October 27, 2010
  • Had Gavin seen your artwork, he might well have asked you to illustrate his wonderful book.
    Thank you for the smile and the delight.

    November 11, 2010

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