Two Great Artists at once

I treasure this picture. So Sarajo Frieden, (a brilliant artist I’ve had the privilege of representing for many years) and I are walking around LA and guess where we hop into? The famous store, Reform School, a shop that has curated some of the best art and gift out there for several years.
To our delight we see some prints by Mati Rose McDonough, another astounding artist I represent. Mati lives in San Francisco.
So for posterity I take a photo of two greats.
Ps. Sarajo is carrying a Susy Pilgrim Waters bag, a third artist I have loved representing since the early nineties.
Artists sharin’ the luv.
BTW, I have tons of shots of Sarajo’s amazing studio and home which I will blog soonish. You’ll love them.

Painting by Sarajo

Cool new Formica colors and patterns

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