Ubiquitous signs of our times

It’s Week 2 for our Guest blogger, lovely agent Susan McCabe. She writes:

” ‘Store Vacant’, ‘Space for Rent’, ‘Out of Business’. These ubiquitous retail signs of our times are everywhere. Which is why I literally stopped in my tracks the other day in front of one such vacant space. “What is that? A huge skewer of Tonka trucks? Yes!” In fact it was a sculpture by William Turville called Kabbabbed Tonkas for the Iron Giant. I had encountered the efforts of the local group, Arlington Public Art and the group’s Arlington Windows Project.

Using the empty storefronts as temporary exhibit space for non-commercial art, the project transforms idle space into gallery space. Exhibits rotate for as long as the commercial space goes unrented. Now there’s a quandry––rent the space or keep surprising us pedestrians with neat stuff we’d never have encountered otherwise? Hmmm.”

A Taste for the Past: Lunch for a Game Boy by William Turville

Kabbabbed Tonkas for the Iron Giant by William Turville

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