Variations on vintage- Susy Pilgrim Waters’ lettering

Susy writes:
“hello. i thought it might be nice to show a little of the process i go through when i get a lettering request.
my dear friend angela liguori asked me to letter vintage glassine for her wee bags of glassine envelopes which are being sold at anthropolgie.

I love working with angela so when ever i get the chance i leap to it!”

In Angela’s words:
`I used susy’s calligraphy for the Vintage Glassine packs. I just launch them at the NY gift show in January and they did very well. All because of Susys’ calligraphy on the labels, I’m sure! I’m shipping them to several stores across the US, now. But, I also would like to mentioned that Susy did the calligraphy on a similar sets, vintage stamps, that where have been selling internationally and at Anthropologie“

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