Want to know which market is the most progressive and positive, IMHO?

I often say that the most positive and progressive change occurring right now is happening in children’s book publishing. Case in point: This Little Environmentalist and This Little Rainbow (Love is Love) board books illustrated by Daniel Roode for Little Simon, and Baby’s First Kind Words illustrated by Hsinping Pan for Storey Publishing. These teach little children about climate, LGBTQIA+, and kindness. It makes me so happy.
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Buy it here
Buy it here.
Buy it here.
The inimitable Helen Dardik fully illustrated this vivid, charmingly eccentric series of board books (which include stickers!) for
Editions Lito.


Above: Cover reveal of This Little Rainbow (out this fall).
Check out Daniel Roode’s incredible “This Little…” series! for Little Simon (Photo top left, courtesy Joan Holub).
The series continues with This Little Environmentalistreleased next week.


Flora Waycott beautifully illustrated this shaped board book from Chronicle. Each page reveals a new topping. Lots of fun for little hands.
Exciting news!
The second in the series, Made with Love: Donuts will be available this July!


Hsinping Pan’s charm, rich color and great storytelling are on display in her newest illustrated book for Storey Publishing


Rebecca Jones is constantly busy illustrating children’s products, and you can see why. Her paint technique, her pretty colors, and happy worlds are always in demand. From Pan Macmillan.


We wanted to show you this charming art that John Coulter recently created for a pitch. His bold colors, adorable characters, and vintage style are perfect for children’s book illustrations.


Newsflash! Our Toy Residency 2021

We recently ended our 5-day intensive Toy Pitch Residency with 15 of our artists, and all we can say is WOW! Recipe: Take brilliant artists, add a dollop of teaching from Toy, Game and Entertainment Agent Riley Wilkinson and what you get are some brilliant toy and game pitches, ready to be licensed.
Are you an art director in the toy/game market? Want to see the brilliant toy and game pitches that our artists have just created for our weeklong LRS-artists-only Residency? We’re talking innovative and gorgeous stacking games, memory games, a quirky balancing game, beautifully illustrated dominos, and a felt play set. Contact us or simply reply to this email!
–Want to be a guest VIP for the July My Toy Pitch course? We would absolutely love to have you join us! We’d be delighted to hear from you.


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