We have a big announcement. PLUS: need a happy distraction? We’ve got a puzzle for you.


Recently, I chatted with our team over here in Boston. I asked, “How can we contribute? How can we make this time more interesting for our community? How can we promote our artists in a fresh way that our art directors will enjoy?” Then we came upon an idea.

We’re excited to announce our new public free series: Lilla’s WebinARTs, where each week I’ll chat with one of my artists on Zoom. They’ll discuss what it was like to work on a recent project, plus show some brand-new work.
I’ll ask my artists things like what their very favorite illustration project was and why, what makes a great art director, what color combination they are loving these days, tips on working from home, what they are reading right now, and more. I’m so excited that our very first WebinART will feature Mara Penny.


Above: From wine to witches, a few of the commissioned projects illustrated by Mara Penny
Join us for the inaugural WebinART with Guest Artist
Mara Penny this Thursday,
April 23rd at 12.30PM ET.
Password: Mara
We’ll be broadcasting live here on Thursday. Bookmark it and set your alarm!


Puzzles by our artists…
Nothing beats boredom like a good old-fashioned puzzle. They’re quickly becoming the new stay-in fad. There’s a reason why we keep assigning so many: they are fun for all ages. Here are a few you might like to add to your collection.
Contact us to assign or license–we’re happy to help!
Left: Agent Susan‘s mom Anne has enjoyed several weeks working on Sarah Walsh’s 1,000-piece puzzle
“All Are Welcome Here”. (Galison)
Many hands, including Agent Kim‘s 7-year-old-son’s, race to finish Rebecca Jones’ double-sided dog and cat puzzle (Galison).
This photo was taken before social distancing measures. Doesn’t that seem like ages ago?

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