We’d love to show you some gorgeous new books and products by our artists.

One of the things we love around here is seeing our artists’ art out in the wild, so today we thought we’d show you some recent books and products. Scroll down to see Mara Penny’s three new books of iron-on transfers for crafts. I definitely am going to give that a try for my embroidery. Enjoy!
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Illustration from I Know an Artist (Quarto)
Animation by Natasha Dewitz


Gorgeous products by my artists!
Clockwise from top left: Scarab by Katie Vernon; Wooden beads by Helen Dardik(Auzou); Everyday Offerings by Flora Waycott (Chronicle); Zodiac Embroidery Kitby Mara Penny (Running Press); ABC Puzzle by Carolyn Gavin (Mudpuppy); Mushroom pouch by Sarah Walsh (Blue Q)


Classics reimagined by Albert! (Alma Books)


The Washington Post (Local Living cover)
For an article about about how to refresh your child’s pandemic social lives.


Mara completed an awesome series of books of pocket-sized iron-on transfers.
They can be used for used for cross stitch, fabric paint, embroidery, needlepoint, and any other crafty project. (C&T Publishing)
Check them out here.


I hope you enjoyed the show! Check out our site to see more.
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