When you make your art your business


As Global Entrepreneurship Week draws to a close, we want to invite you to spend some time thinking carefully about what happens when you make your art your business, and your primary source of income. Who actually makes it in the art business and why is that? Well, we might just have some answers for you…

We are always thinking about ways to help our creative community, because we know how fantastic it is when you make a living doing what you love. And so we have created a new mini-series of  five daily free videos, starting this coming Monday, November 24. It is called The Road to Artistic Success, and features short videos which answer some of the most important questions that every creative faces. As an agent, Lilla knows who succeeds and why – sign up for the FREE series to hear her spill the beans.

Monday: Who makes it in the art business? What I know from being an agent. The five traits of success. Play the opposites game.

Tuesday: How do you make time for art? Why your messy sink is a good thing.

Wednesday: How do you get right down to the business of creating when you have only one hour? Fuel the pump to get outta da funk.

Thursday: How do you kick envy’s butt? What envy illuminates about YOU.

Friday: What’s the secret of life for creative professionals? What I know from being an artist and author.

Each day you’ll get an email, a video, and a tiny exercise. At the end of the week you’ll have something cool to show for it.

Register now and look out for the first video in your inbox on Monday!


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