Where are they now? GTS 2013 finalist Josephine Kimberling

This week we are sharing a series of stories from the 2013 Global Talent Search Finalists. This includes our Special Studio winner Daniel Roode, and our four runners up, Emily Balsley, Josephine Kimberling, Lizzie Mackay and Vesper Stamper. Today we are checking in with Josephine Kimberling

   Josephine Kimberling-Painting

What have you have been up to since the 2013 GTS competition?

I’ve been continuing to grow my licensing business and have had multiple lines of product launch – from fabric, stationery, handbags, gift bags and wall art, to housewares and tabletop collections, with more in the works.


I’ve been inspired to paint, and created a body of work that combines my own digital pattern work as collage with acrylics, spray paint and hand-made stencils for a unique look. I also recently signed with an agent so I could focus my time on what I love most – which is creating more art!


What are you most proud of?
  1. I picked up painting and finished a body of work that hung in my local Seattle Anthropologie for the month of April
  2. I exhibited at Surtex for the 4th year in a row and for the first time at the Licensing Expo
  3. I signed with an agent, MHS Licensing

Josephine Kimberling-Paintings

What did you learn as a result of participating in the Global Talent Search?
  1. To be true to my style and my voice
  2. That I enjoyed being challenged to draw things I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards
  3. That there is a huge community of amazing artists out there who are extremely talented and very supportive of each other


What advice would you give to someone thinking of entering GTS this year?

My one piece of advice would be to push yourself as far as you can within your style and to always do your best work.

All images courtesy of Josephine Kimberling. Find out more about Josephine here.


Taking part in the Global Talent Search is fun and will challenge you. If you get to the semi-final (shortlist of top 50) your work will get in front of our stellar panel of judges from across the industry. If you get to the final, by then thousands of people will have seen your work. And the winner wins all of these amazing prizes, including 2 years’ representation from Lilla Rogers Studio. Last year’s winner nearly didn’t enter because she didn’t know if she was ready, or ‘good enough. She was and she won. So might you. But you have to be in it to win it. REGISTER NOW!



  • Wonderfully inspiring article! I adore Josephine’s work, so it’s great to read more about her creative journey and see how far she’s advanced. I especially appreciated reading about what she’s learned and her advice.

    July 23, 2014
  • So pretty and inspiring! Can’t wait to see all the GTS submissions this year:)

    July 23, 2014

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