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Dear Everyone,

Running a creative business is exhilarating! The opportunities for connecting with other like-minded peeps is astounding. The possibilities in business have never been more abundant. I reflect upon the old days when I was in NYC in the 80’s and you had to schlep your portfolio around to clients. (Although it was wonderful to see the inside of companies like Vogue, the New York Times, Bloomingdale’s, giant ad agencies, etc.)

A year or so ago, Beth Kempton, my brilliant producer of our e-course, Make Art That Sells, and I chatted about our ideas for working together. I said, “Beth, I have a crazy idea: a competition for artists with a series of challenges, and the winner would win representation with our Studio.” She gasped and said that she had had the same idea.

Here it is, happening to a great deal of buzz and we are loving it!

We’re in the midst of the 2nd Challenge, where the 50 semi-finalists have created a farmer’s market tote bag with an autumn theme. Now, our stellar team of judges are in the middle of selecting their top 5 artists, and if you haven’t already, go ahead and vote for your top 5.
Which 5 tote bags would you buy? Anyone may vote, and it’s super-easy! The voting ends this Monday, September 9th (9am PST / 12 noon EST / 5pm GMT).

By voting, you are a)Having fun, and b)Showing support to those artists, and c)Letting us know what art you love!
Read more about it here.

Ps. Did you see the licenses that the winner gets? It’s outstanding! Their career will blast off from the get-go.

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  • …And we’re so excited to see how the artists do in the next round. We’re giving them a totally cool challenge in conjunction with Margo Tantau of Midwest CBK…

    September 7, 2013

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