Global Talent Search prize reveal: 1:1 consultation with Chronicle Books

Over the next few days we will be announcing the incredible prizes we have lined up for the winner of the 2014 Global Talent Search. Like last year we have a host of licensing deals to offer, but new for 2014 we are also bringing you a series of amazing career development boosts, beginning with a dream opportunity…

Win a 1-1 video consultation with Chronicle Books Senior Art Editor, Kate Woodrow! Pitch your product ideas and share your artwork with an editor who’s developed hundreds of stationery and gift products. In a one-hour creative consultation, Kate will give you feedback to help shape your ideas into commercially viable gift products.

How cool is that? Kate is one of the judges for the Global Talent Search. Take a look at some of the gorgeous products that have been developed under her leadership and sold all over the world:

Rifle Garlands

Hand Lettering Ledger

Julia Rothman book cover

Junzo Terada Magical Menagerie

Lisa Congdon book cover

Mr. Boddington OLAD.png

Would you love to see your art on products like this? If so, join the Global Talent Search today. Someone’s got to win, and it might just be you!


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