The 2014 Global Talent Search is here! Enter now…

Every year we get thousands of artists approaching us for representation, so last year we launched our Global Talent Search to find hot new talent – and the competition is back!

Make art? Got talent? Want one of the TOP agents in the world to represent … YOU?

The second annual Lilla Rogers Studio Global Talent Search is here! 

Somebody’s going to win. Why not you?


Lilla Rogers Studio is one of the top art + illustration agencies in the world, representing 38 artists internationally.

We have sold art for products worth over $100 million and when it comes to making your portfolio as commercially viable as possible, we know exactly what buyers want to see.

We are always on the lookout for emerging talent, but we only take on a couple of new artists each year … and this year, it could be you!


Enter The Global Talent Search for a chance to be represented by Lilla for TWO YEARS — an opportunity that WILL change your career.

But even if you’re not chosen, just ENTERING the Talent Search is a HUGE deal.

Your work will be reviewed by a panel of leading art directors and industry experts. We’ve had past contestants secure major licensing deals, just by throwing their hat in the ring.

Don’t hold back. Show us what you’ve got! REGISTER NOW!


GTS 2013 semi-final piece by winner Zoe Ingram


Last year, we had over 1000 contestants from all over the world. We already have more artists than that on the waiting list! The energy + excitement is HUGE. Just being part of this Talent Search is deeply inspiring.

The winner, Zoe Ingram, has been stacked with work ever since she won. We’ll be sharing more of the 2013 GTS success stories on the blog in the coming weeks.

Even if you don’t win, everyone who enters The Global Talent Search will learn a TON about what it takes to create commercially viable work.

title-decoration-04 You’ll have the opportunity to work on a professional-level creative brief and develop a new portfolio piece.

title-decoration-04 You’ll get your work directly in front of Lilla Rogers (she personally reviews EVERY piece!)

title-decoration-04 You’ll have the chance to get your work directly in front of our judging panel of experts (most of whom buy art for a living) — and be eligible for The People’s Choice Award.

Priceless industry knowledge. Priceless exposure. And a whole lot of FUN!

So, what are you waiting for? GET STARTED NOW!



REGISTER NOW and give yourself a chance of a career-changing opportunity. You’ll receive your first creative brief on August 5 by email.


Good luck + make great art!


PS Feel like you aren’t sure whether your ready? Neither was Zoe, and she went on to win. Just go for it – you never know…


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