Why does our artist Carolyn Gavin get so many commissions to illustrate things like wine labels, Anthro bedding, chocolate bars, and more?

We love our artist Carolyn Gavin, and we’re delighted to profile her today. From chocolate and wine packaging, to Anthropologie bedding, Carolyn’s work adds lush watercolor beauty to any product.

I first became aware of Carolyn’s work many years ago in a tiny paper goods shop in Rockport, Massachusetts. Her journals for Ecojot absolutely floored me–her style was truly original.

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Animation by Natasha DeWitz


Photo courtesy CreativeBug

Check out Carolyn’s CreativeBug Class, “Daily Painting Challenge: Flowers, Fruits and the Natural World”



Click on the image above to see a Carolyn watercolor painting in action!




Packaging for L’Occitane en Provence


Gift box and Pumpkin Spice chocolate bar packaging art by Carolyn Gavin


Wine label for Georges DuBoeuf


Books & Products

Carolyn illustrated two books in the Kids Can Press “Nature All Around” series.


File this under very cool jobs: Carolyn Gavin was invited by Fossil Toronto to hand-paint purses, wallets and watches recently.


Bedding for Anthropologie



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