You’re going to love seeing some of our artists’ favorite art supplies. We asked them to share their favorites. Read on!

Recently, we were super-curious to find out what art supplies are the faves of our artists. Here’s what they said! (And check out Katie Vernon’s jellyfish!) Read on.

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Anke Rega

Anke says, “I think you can guess…my favorite all time go to is blue watercolor! I just love indigo. You can use it dark and light (I rarely use black, mostly just for the pupils and sometimes hair) and cobalt is another favorite blue. I think these two go so well with a lot of other colours like pink, reds and so much more.”


Jennifer M Potter

From Jennifer: “My favorite of my art supplies is my sketch kit. I keep it small and minimal so that I can easily stuff it in my backpack when I travel. I use a small 4×4 inch watercolor sketchbook by Field Artist, and a tiny watercolor palette filled with Daniel Smith watercolors, which I made out of a business card holder. In a pinch, I can get by with just that and a waterbrush, but I also like to bring a Blue Q pencil case stocked with different size travel brushes, a small mechanical pencil, an eraser, a binder clip, and a few colored pencils like this set of Faber Castell Polychromos I picked up in Germany earlier this year.”


Sarajo Frieden

Examples of a favorite art material, gouache, on paper, for a personal piece.

Procreate using the IPad Pro and Apple Pencil for the cover of Oncology Nursing Magazine


Mara Penny

Mara says, “My favorites are Micron pens and plain ol’ printer paper.”


Katie Vernon

Katie writes, “I couldn’t pick just one art supply, so here are my faves that I use almost daily:

– Caran D’Ache Luminance colored pencils
– Sennelier watercolors
– Holbein Acryla gouache, specifically Holbein Acryla greenish yellow
– Strathmore 300 series mixed media paper”


Sarah Papworth

Sarah says, “Currently…the humble pencil, although I like to mix my media, so perhaps I’d add coloured pencils, fine line pen and acrylic paint as little friendly team. With Photoshop as administrator.”


Kelly Anne Dalton

Kelly Anne writes, “My iPad Pro has been my favorite art supply (obsession) for the last three years, but I’m slowly getting back to working with more of my traditional favorites: colored pencil on wood and gouache, and finding ways to implement them into my digital work.

“This is an illustration I made for MATS Bootcamp of what my current work bag looks like and what I carry in it. Minus a few bobby pins and odd receipts. :)”



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