Get your hands on two fully-illustrated brand-new books by our stellar artists!

Get your hands on two fully-illustrated brand-new books by our stellar artists. I Know an Artist by Sarah Papworth is one of the most brilliantly illustrated books I’ve seen in a while (above), and Flora Waycott has created a masterpiece for all those wanting to draw even better (below).

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Sarah Papworth

Animation by Natasha Dewitz

From Sarah Papworth’s sumptuously illustrated book I Know an Artist: The inspiring connections between the world’s greatest artists (Quarto). Order your copy here.


Flora Waycott

—> BIG NEWS! We are delighted to announce Flora’s latest authored and illustrated book!

Pre-order Flora Waycott’s gorgeous book, Inspired Artist: Draw Every Little Thing: Learn to draw more than 100 everyday items, from food to fashion (Quarto). Written and fully illustrated by Flora, you’ll learn to draw and paint more than 100 of your favorite everyday objects.

Above: Interiors from Flora Waycott’s lavishly-illustrated brand-new book.

But wait there’s more!

Pre-order Flora’s book by Oct 1st and she will send you the bonus PDF tutorial above.

All you have to do is email a screenshot of your receipt to florawaycott@gmail.com. Click here to pre-order!


Åsa Gilland

Originally from Sweden, Åsa Gilland now resides in Jakarta, Indonesia, where diversity is a way of life. Her ability to draw such a rich range of characters with heart is one of the reasons that she is so heavily booked with children’s picture books.


Carolyn Gavin

Savor this lovely piece by the divine watercolorist Carolyn Gavin, from her travels to Cassis and Guatemala. You can see why L’Occitane has commissioned Carolyn to illustrate a number of their products.


Jennifer M Potter

Revel in Jennifer M Potter’s dreamy, slightly gothic illustration for Folktale Week. She depicts a character from a Slavic tale called Beauty and the Horns. Jennifer’s ability to render so vividly is one of the reasons that she is in such heavy demand in the book market.


Jessica Allen

Jessica Allen recently sent us this lovely shot of her painting mid-century feminist icon Betty Friedan.


Kelly Anne Dalton

Seems like we’re on a historical kick these days. Savor this cream-puff of an illustration by Kelly Anne Dalton. She recently completed a few covers for a major publisher depicting imagery from the 1920s.


Tara Lilly

There’s a reason that Tara gets a ton of greeting card, calendar and stationery commissions from all the best companies. Plus look for her collection for Anthropologie coming Fall 2019!



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